Move to Zermatt – March 2018


You want something exotic, with loads of grit, dust and complicated Swiss operations and annoying laws? Move to Zermatt!!

First, the road between Täsch and Zermatt is private and you need a signed and paid in advanced authorisation in order to dare entering it. The fine is 2000 CHF if you get caught. We actually had the very agreable chance to meet some Policeman around on that day (the only once since I arrived). Smiling is not an option for the Zermatter Police, but we were all equipped, we survived the grimace test.

Zermatt is a free motor vehicle village. Only electro taxis and electro small cars are allowed in order to insure serenity and pure air to cleanse your London or Mexico smogged lungs.

Well you wanted a proper sporty place to go to… here you use your feet and quadriceps (your bike is your new buddy). Or you learn your taxi driver’s nick name by heart and add Schaller’s number in your favourite numbers. Awesome company, awesome mechanic, awesome CEO and CEO-ette with the greatest punky haircut BTW: TAXI SCHALLER

Taxi Schaller +41 27 967 12 12

Therefore, moving means carrying the stuff only TWICE. From the van to the electro. Plus, the electro could not drive to the front of my house door because it was way too steep and narow. The guys had to carry all the shit uphill, booh.

Once you have finished this sporty stuff, you stay here and decide to die here. Or, you leave everything behind!

My heroes of the day work for the only company in Suisse romande who knows what is a move in the Alps, with or without snow. With or without icy pathways. They are tough, but thank god they know how to smile despite the efforts (and the snow we had, you know, on the narrow snowy pathway in front of the building).

Congrats guys at Tornay.

The best move company in Wallis: BEST MOVERS IN WALLIS